China flags another Brazilian meat shipment for Covid-19

. Oct 11, 2020
china meat

Authorities from China claim they have found traces of the coronavirus in a frozen meat shipment sent from a meat-processing plant in Barretos, São Paulo state, belonging to Brazilian food giant Minerva. 

Tests were reportedly made on October 1 and the slaughterhouse has been suspended from sending any products to China. According to the Chinese Embassy in Brasília, the suspension is “temporary and will not have a substantial effect on bilateral trade of agricultural goods.”

Minerva confirmed the suspension, but didn’t disclose the reasons.With the new case, ten Brazilian meat- or fish-processing plants have been suspended by Chinese customs authorities due to coronavirus-related issues.

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Lucas Berti

Lucas Berti covers international affairs — specialized in Latin American politics and markets. He has been published by Opera Mundi, Revista VIP, and The Intercept Brasil, among others.

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