São Paulo extends quarantine as stores reopen

. Jun 10, 2020
São Paulo extends quarantine as stores reopen São Paulo Governor João Doria. Photo: GOVESP

São Paulo Governor João Doria announced the fifth phase of quarantine in Brazil’s most populous state, which will run from Monday until June 28. This new period of social distancing will run alongside the so-called São Paulo Plan, which allows non-essential businesses to open in accordance with metrics on the disease, such as the number of new cases, occupancy of ICU beds, and the level of adherence to social isolation.

Shops in the state capital were officially allowed to open as of this morning, and the commerce-heavy city center saw large crowds of people gathering outside shopfronts, waiting for them to open.

As announced by Patrícia Ellen, the Secretary of Economic Development of the state government, on news channel Globonews, the city of São Paulo registered isolation levels of just 48 percent, while the state as a whole recorded just 47 percent. There have been almost 10,000 Covid-19 deaths in the state, with local health authorities announcing another 340 in the last 24 hours — a new daily record.

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Euan Marshall

Originally from Scotland, Euan Marshall is a journalist who ditched his kilt and bagpipes for a caipirinha and a football in 2011, when he traded Glasgow for São Paulo. Specializing in Brazilian soccer, politics and the connection between the two, he authored a comprehensive history of Brazilian soccer entitled “A to Zico: An Alphabet of Brazilian Football.”

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