Once more, Trump hints at banning flights from Brazil to avoid Covid-19 contamination

. May 19, 2020
Once more, Trump hints at banning flights from Brazil to avoid Covid-19 contamination U.S. President Donald Trump. Photo: Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock

U.S. President Donald Trump said today that his administration could suspend flights from Brazil, due to the country’s rising Covid-19 infection numbers. Trips back and forth to Florida, a hot-spot for Brazilian tourists, would be particularly affected. This is the second time Mr. Trump has talked about restricting South Americans from entering the U.S. 

“Brazil is having some trouble, no question about it,” said Mr. Trump, during a press briefing. “I don’t want people coming over here and infecting our people. I don’t want people over there sick either.” But while Brazil has carried out what has widely been considered the worst Covid-19 response in the world, it is important to note that Mr. Bolsonaro has taken many of his policy cues from none other than Mr. Trump himself.

The U.S. leads the world in Covid-19 cases, with 1.5 million infections. Brazil comes in third place, with over 262,000. The U.S. president also said “the U.S. is helping Brazil with ventilators,” which is not true — at least not yet. Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that help would happen only “after the Covid-19 crisis in the U.S. is over.” The U.S. government has been accused of intercepting health supplies and has threatened to block exports if it deems their usage in the country necessary.

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Natália Scalzaretto

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