Bolsonaro supporters protest quarantines. Again.

. May 03, 2020
bolsonaro motorcade Pro-Bolsonaro motorcade in Brasília. Photo: Whatsapp

On the day Brazil is set to top 100,000 coronavirus infections — and 7,000 deaths —, Jair Bolsonaro supporters staged another motorcade protest in Brasília. Hundreds of cars took the Ministries Esplanade, at the heart of the federal capital, honking their horns and shouting insults directed against House Speaker Rodrigo Maia, ex-Justice Minister Sergio Moro, and the Supreme Court — in what is fast becoming a weekend routine. On the sidewalks, vendors were selling t-shirts with the president’s face on them, as well as Brazilian flags.

bolsonaro social isolation
Jair Bolsonaro greets supporters in front of the presidential palace. Photo: Facebook live

Once Brazil’s Covid-19 hotbed, the city of Brasília saw a significant drop in the number of new cases and deaths after authorities enacted stay-at-home guidelines and closed down commerce. However, even if experts argue that it is too soon to reopen, Brasília — like many other badly hit regions — is planning to loosen quarantine restrictions in the coming days.

Yesterday, President Jair Bolsonaro once again created agglomerations in a public commercial area, in the city of Cristalina (Goiás). Mr. Bolsonaro hugged supporters and claimed that social isolation measures are “irresponsible.”

Gustavo Ribeiro

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