São Paulo opens third field hospital

. May 01, 2020
field hospital São Paulo Ibirapuera Field Hospital. Photo: GESP

Authorities inaugurated a new field hospital today in order to help the city manage the rapidly growing number of patients that are overloading hospitals due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new unit, located in the Ibirapuera Sports Complex, has 268 beds and will deal with low-complexity cases. Around 800 healthcare workers will be deployed to the hospital — from doctors and nurses to social assistants and therapists. Patients will be allowed to communicate with their families through video calls and will have access to reading materials and coloring books to help them cope

São Paulo’s other two field hospitals currently have 569 patients — with another 746 having already been discharged.

So far, the state of São Paulo has recorded 2,375 deaths and almost 29,000 cases. The hospital bed occupancy rate stands at around 70 percent statewide — and 89 percent in the greater São Paulo Metropolitan Area.

Gustavo Ribeiro

An award-winning journalist, Gustavo has extensive experience covering Brazilian politics and international affairs. He has been featured across Brazilian and French media outlets and founded The Brazilian Report in 2017. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science and Latin American studies from Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris.

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