Brazilian lawmakers want to make protective masks mandatory nationwide

. Apr 28, 2020
Brazilian lawmakers want to make protective masks mandatory nationwide Photo: Vergani Fotografia/Shutterstock

At least four bills were submitted to Brazil’s lower house aiming at forcing people to wear protective face masks — of the bought or homemade varieties — in public spaces. If approved, measures that have already been applied in local jurisdictions such as Salvador and Brasília will be applied to a federal level.

Bill 2156/20 is the most comprehensive of the proposals, forcing citizens to wear masks in both public and private spaces — such as stores and industries. Non-compliance could be punished with fines or even prison sentences of up to one year if a person’s conduct is considered to be detrimental to public health. States would also be forced to provide masks to lower-income populations. 

While the bills aim to provide an alternative to protect the population after social-isolation measures are relaxed, there is no estimate on the economic burden it would bring upon companies — which are already undergoing economic hardship — and cash-strapped state administrations.

Natália Scalzaretto

Natália Scalzaretto has worked for companies such as Santander Brasil and Reuters, where she covered news ranging from commodities to technology. Before joining The Brazilian Report, she worked as an editor for Trading News, the information division from the TradersClub investor community.

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