⚠️ UPDATE: 2,915 infections, 78 deaths

. Mar 26, 2020
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The Health Ministry registered 2,915 confirmed Covid-19 infections in the country, and 78 deaths. The fatality rate in Brazil is 2.7 percent, and 194 people are hospitalized in intensive care.

The Health Ministry launched a platform for monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic (click here to access, in Portuguese).

The ministry also announced that it will procure an additional 200 million protective masks. Up to now, 45 million have already been purchased

Brenno Grillo

Correspondent in Brasília. Journalist since 2012, is especialized in cover Law and Justice. Worked in comunication agencies untill be choosen to be an intern in O Estado de S.Paulo. Also worked in Portal Brasil and political campaigns. His last job was in ConJur, website especialized in Justice news.

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