Income tax for small businesses delayed until June

. Mar 26, 2020
Brazil new tax on financial transactions

Small companies will now have until June 30 to submit their income tax returns to the Federal Revenue Service, with the deadline extended as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This change so far only applies to companies, because, as The Brazilian Report has already shown, revenue authorities do not plan on altering the deadline for individuals to submit their tax returns. Brazilian citizens and residents have until April 30 to declare their earnings. “Over 90 percent of people submit their forms online, so [postponing deadlines] is not on our radar at the moment,” said one representative of Brazil’s Federal Revenue Service.

Brenno Grillo

Correspondent in Brasília. Journalist since 2012, is especialized in cover Law and Justice. Worked in comunication agencies untill be choosen to be an intern in O Estado de S.Paulo. Also worked in Portal Brasil and political campaigns. His last job was in ConJur, website especialized in Justice news.

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