Society June 20, 2018

Brazil’s PCC has become a multinational criminal enterprise

Brazil's pcc has become a multinational criminal enterprise

The First Command of the Capital (PCC) was born on October 31, 1993. The organization, which would later become Brazil’s largest criminal empire, was created inside a penitentiary in Taubaté, a city close to São Paulo, by eight inmates. Their goal was to denounce what they saw as “oppression” by the prison system. They also… Read More »

How football is used as a political tool in Brazil

How football is used as a political tool in Brazil

Sport and major events such as the World Cup can provide a small economic boom for countries. In Brazil, retailers expect an injection of BRL 20 billion into the economy – a sorely needed stimulus. Besides finance, however, it can also be a tool to spur nationalism and promote political agendas. In Brazil, as in… Read More »

How corruption and football are connected in Brazil

world cup brazilian football corruption

The Brazilian Football Association (CBF) was created in 1914, back when football was an amateur game. In 1950, when Brazil hosted the World Cup for the first time, six teams from Europe and Asia forfeited the invitation owing to a lack of money to be able to make the trip. Soon, however, football became the… Read More »

Why does Brazil celebrate Valentine’s Day on June 12?

Why does Brazil celebrates Valentine's Day today?

If you are a foreigner living in Brazil, you may have noticed a change in advertisements and shop-windows. All of the sudden, stores have become dominated by heart-shaped objects and have gone heavy on love-themed products. That’s because the Brazilian version of Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12 – February 14 is a date… Read More »

Brazilian animation cinema shines on the international scene

Scene from Brazilian animation Angeli the Killer "A Crazy Love's Delirium"

Are we living in the golden age of Brazilian animated cinema? It certainly seems so. Just ten years ago, the industry hardly existed at all in Brazil. But things have changed, thanks to several millions of Reais in investments by public agencies and private players. Today, Brazil’s animation industry is a force to be reckoned… Read More »

Fordlândia: Henry Ford’s failed Amazonian utopia


Rolling up the Rio Tapajós, one of the major tributaries of the Amazon River, is a peaceful yet monotonous journey. After passing the bustling city of Santarém at the river’s mouth, there is precious little else to see. To the west is the Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve (known locally as Resex), while the Tapajós National Forest… Read More »

Pollution decrease: the bright side of the truckers’ strike

pollution levels sao paulo

The 10-day truckers’ strike that drove Brazil into chaos and even brought about calls for a military coup from far-right protesters and agri-business leaders also had a positive side effect: reduced levels of pollution in Brazil’s biggest city. Paulo Saldiva, a researcher at the University of São Paulo (USP), decided to measure air quality levels… Read More »

Who are the truckers driving Brazil into chaos?

Who are the truckers driving Brazil into chaos?

Since May 21, Brazilian truckers have staged nationwide protests by blocking roads and creating fuel and food shortages in nearly every Brazilian urban center. The weak federal administration has caved to every single demand presented by the truckers, from lowering diesel prices to giving tax exemptions to transportation companies. Last week, The Brazilian Report showed… Read More »

Veganism is on the rise in the home of ‘churrasco’

vegan school Veganism is on the rise in the home of churrasco

Brazil’s famous barbecue-style meat, ‘churrasco’, is famous enough to make appearances in restaurants across the world, popping up on menus everywhere from London to Shanghai. And as Brazil is one of the world’s biggest meat producers, increasing numbers of vegans might seem unexpected. Nonetheless, the number of vegans and vegetarians across Brazil is growing. In… Read More »