Society April 19, 2018

Landless Workers could become subject to Brazil’s Antiterrorism Law

Landless Workers Movements could become subject to Brazil’s Antiterrorism Law

Earlier this week, militant members of the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) occupied the triplex used as evidence of former President Lula in the corruption charges leveraged against him. Guilherme Boulos, a national coordinator for the movement and current presidential candidate, quipped on social media: “If it’s Lula’s, the people can stay. If not, then why… Read More »

Why WhatsApp is Brazil’s go-to political weapon

whatsapp fake news brazil 2018 election

Sergio Moro, the judge overseeing the extensive corruption probe Operation Car Wash, did not tell voters in 2017 that blank votes were the only way to stop political corruption. Lula’s planned trip to Ethiopia, a country that does not extradite to Brazil, was for the African Union Summit in January – not to escape jail.… Read More »

Netflix takes on Operation Car Wash, but falls flat

o mecanismo netflix operation car wash fake news

Two years ago, Netflix announced that it would make an original series based on Operation Car Wash – Brazil’s largest (and longest) corruption investigation to date. Viewers were even more excited when they discovered that the renowned director José Padilha (Narcos, Elite Squad) would lead the project. The result, a series called O Mecanismo (‘The… Read More »

How armed militias became part of Rio’s everyday life

rio de janeiro armed militias violence

It seems ludicrous now, but urban armed militias were once well-regarded in Rio de Janeiro. Originally, these groups were a kind of security patrol unit acting against drug traffickers – and were formed by police officers, firefighters, and prison guards. Even the authorities supported them as a way to fill a void left by the… Read More »

Brazil’s André Feliciano is breaking up with contemporary art

Floraissance André Feliciano Brazilian contemporary art overalls

If you’ve spent time in New York during the past year or so, you might have noticed plywood signs popping up around the city to announce a breakup with contemporary art. Painted with large red hearts, the signs feature handwritten Valentine’s-Day-gone-awry expressions, like “Contemporary art, we need to talk. This isn’t working anymore”. When images… Read More »

Pollution and policies threaten Brazil’s water resources

brazil water resources mariana

Brazil has some of the most plentiful water resources of any country in the world, counting the planet’s largest river and its second-biggest aquifer among its resources. But a combination of public policies and immunity for companies polluting rivers could render these freshwater sources unserviceable in the near future. The specter of the Mariana dam… Read More »

Why is Brazil haunted by mosquito-borne diseases?

Why is Brazil haunted by mosquito-borne diseases

In the face of the worst yellow fever outbreak in decades, Brazilians waited hours at a time for vaccinations against the fatal disease in January this year. But yellow fever is far from the only mosquito-borne disease to sweep across the continent. In the last five years alone, Brazil has had serious outbreaks of three… Read More »

Women in positions of power in Brazil

women positions of power in brazil

Brazil remains a largely sexist society, and women – especially women of color – still earn less than their male counterparts. However, a trend of women rising to positions of power in prominent companies has begun to emerge. Fundação Getulio Vargas, a think tank, recently published a ranking of the biggest companies in Brazil based… Read More »

Under intervention, Rio relives problems of 200 years ago

Rio de Janeiro - illustration Jean-Baptiste Debret

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s picture-perfect city, faced rampant crime rates, problems caused by unplanned urban expansion, and latent social tensions.  The clueless government couldn’t manage the crisis, opting instead to rely on military forces to act as law enforcement in peripheral neighborhoods. Intervention troops were accused of brutality and of attempting against Brazil’s legislation. While… Read More »