Society February 26, 2018

Under intervention, Rio relives problems of 200 years ago

Rio de Janeiro - illustration Jean-Baptiste Debret

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s picture-perfect city, faced rampant crime rates, problems caused by unplanned urban expansion, and latent social tensions.  The clueless government couldn’t manage the crisis, opting instead to rely on military forces to act as law enforcement in peripheral neighborhoods. Intervention troops were accused of brutality and of attempting against Brazil’s legislation. While… Read More »

Intervention lacks policy grounding, Amnesty International says

Amnesty International violence brazil

Increasing levels of violence were a recurring symbol over the course of last year in Brazil, says Amnesty International’s annual report on the state of human rights. However, the introduction of the federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro is unlikely to curb violence, according to the organization. The NGO said that the intervention is a… Read More »

Who are the Venezuelans moving to Brazil?

venezuelans in brazil

Venezuelan migrants are arriving to Brazil in record numbers: in the first six months of 2017, the total number of refugee requests reached 7,600, already higher than the total 3,368 in 2016. But arrivals are in fact higher. The country’s political and economic collapse has created an extraordinary migration wave, but just 33.7 percent of… Read More »

The Ochentas: the humanitarian crisis facing Venezuelan women

ochentas venezuelan women roraima

Fleeing the economic collapse that has been destroying Venezuela since 2015, Esmeralda, 21, quit nursing school and left for Brazil with hopes of pursuing her education, finding a job, and providing for her family. In her suitcase, Esmeralda packed her scrubs and books. Yet in Roraima, Brazil’s northernmost state, her work uniform became something different… Read More »

Amazon droughts could impact climate change as much as deforestation

Amazon droughts could impact climate change as much as deforestation

Over the past decade, Brazil has made some effort to reduce deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. This was also the country’s primary contribution to the fight against global warming. However, despite a 76 percent decline in deforestation rates over the last 13 years, those efforts might now be offset by drought-induced fires, according to a… Read More »

How the Brazilian butt became a cultural icon

miss bumbum brazil brazilian butt lift

Carnival celebrations in Brazil make headlines every year, normally accompanied by photos of samba school muses wearing little more than gems and feathers. But according to anthropologist Mirian Goldenberg, a professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, this superficial coverage reinforces stereotypes about Brazilian women both inside and outside of the country. “Foreigners have… Read More »

Brazil edges closer to urban yellow fever outbreaks

brazil yellow fever outbreak

Earlier this week, Brazil registered its first case of yellow fever to occur within a city. It occurred in São Bernardo do Campo, an urbanized area in the immediate vicinity of São Paulo. The region’s 35-year-old resident was hospitalized after visiting a high-risk area of the city, Mairiporã. Deaths from the virus in five Brazilian… Read More »