Opinion April 19, 2018

Shots fired at Lula greatly disturb Brazil’s political battlefield

Shots fired at Lula greatly disturb Brazil’s political battlefield

Brazil’s political environment is experiencing a process of intense radicalization, which began halfway through Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s first term as president. His administration was then hit by the Mensalão (monthly stipend) scandal – described as a scheme to bribe congressmen in exchange for legislative support. This scandal came to light between 2005 and… Read More »

Political violence puts Brazil on alert

lula political violence brazil 2018 election

Less than two weeks after a Rio de Janeiro city councilwoman was brutally murdered, Brazil has witnessed two more high-profile episodes of political violence. The first was against former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Shots were fired at two of the three buses used in his political roadshow in the southern region of Brazil.… Read More »

How Marielle Franco’s death is shaking up Brazilian politics

How Marielle Franco death is shaking up Brazilian politics

Though it would be safe to say that last week’s brutal murder of Rio de Janeiro’s city councilor Marielle Franco will certainly affect the Brazilian political scene, any tangible results will not be immediately felt. That being said, we have noticed three ways in which the incident is currently shaping public and political discourse. The… Read More »

Brazil’s electoral year to be haunted by Rio’s city councilor murder

marielle franco Rio’s city councilor murdered

Since last year, Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has expressed its concerns about how organized crime could tamper with our elections. From sponsoring corrupt candidates that would turn a blind eye to drug-trafficking gangs to hit jobs against combative politicians, the threat has been palpable. Similarly, for this year’s election, the writing was on the… Read More »

Brazilian military’s creeping influence over the government

Brazilian military's creeping influence over the government democracy

During an interview this week, former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso took a hit at incumbent Michel Temer. Following Temer’s decision to appoint an army general as the interim Minister of Defense, Cardoso said that “only weak administrations ask the generals for help.” Cardoso has a point. Since the end of the military dictatorship in 1985,… Read More »

Is there a plan for Rio de Janeiro?

Is there a plan for Rio de Janeiro?

Named on February 16 as the person responsible for the federal security intervention in Rio de Janeiro, Army General Walter Braga Netto held a meeting on Tuesday with journalists to explain his plan for restoring normalcy to Brazil’s most famous city. The event turned out to be anything but a thorough explanation as to how… Read More »

What to make of Temer’s Rio de Janeiro army intervention

michel temer declares army intervention in rio de janeiro

When President Michel Temer signed the decree declaring a federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro’s security system, he completely altered Brazil’s political debate. Up until Friday, we were discussing how the 2018 presidential election would unfold, or that TV presenter Luciano Huck dropped out of the race (again), or even the government’s inability to approve… Read More »

Lula: Conviction was not about the apartment

lula conviction

It doesn’t matter how we feel about the appeal trial of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The confirmation of the July 2017 corruption and money laundering conviction was expected. The Federal Appellate Court of the 4th region (TRF 4) has traditionally upheld the verdicts delivered by Federal Judge Sérgio Moro, who oversees… Read More »