Opinion February 26, 2018

What to make of Temer’s Rio de Janeiro army intervention

michel temer declares army intervention in rio de janeiro

When President Michel Temer signed the decree declaring a federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro’s security system, he completely altered Brazil’s political debate. Up until Friday, we were discussing how the 2018 presidential election would unfold, or that TV presenter Luciano Huck dropped out of the race (again), or even the government’s inability to approve… Read More »

Lula: Conviction was not about the apartment

lula conviction

It doesn’t matter how we feel about the appeal trial of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The confirmation of the July 2017 corruption and money laundering conviction was expected. The Federal Appellate Court of the 4th region (TRF 4) has traditionally upheld the verdicts delivered by Federal Judge Sérgio Moro, who oversees… Read More »

Headlines you might have missed during the holiday season

embraer boeing deal holiday season

In most parts of Brazil, 2018 actually started today. It will be a busy year: on the agenda we have the last 12 months of the contested Michel Temer administration, its austerity agenda, and the 2018 Russia World Cup (and high hopes for the Brazilian squad). Most importantly, though, Brazil will hold its general elections… Read More »

Stories that may fly under the radar in 2018

brazil 2018 stories

This coming year is set to be a big one in Brazil, with the federal election race set to dominate both national and international headlines. Human rights groups are already warning of potential clampdowns on the right to protest, as well as further land rights struggles. Women’s and quilombola (Brazil’s historic slave communities) rights may also… Read More »

Lula: a clash between the time of politics and the time of Justice

lula 2018 election

The 2018 presidential election in Brazil has been polarized between two candidates: former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to the left, and Congressman Jair Bolsonaro to the right. It is by no means, however, a symmetric polarization. While Lula is a center-left pragmatist, a social-democrat, Bolsonaro is firmly on the far-right – it is… Read More »

Brazil’s odd liberalism

liberalism brazil fiesp

Liberalism has become a part of mainstream politics in Brazil. The term is evoked not only by its most fervent defenders – and detractors – but also by a large group of politicians who proclaim themselves “liberal” without actually championing liberalism. Of course, it is fair to say that defending a doctrine without actually practicing… Read More »

Luciano Huck dropped out of the presidential race. Now what?

Luciano Huck dropped out of the presidential race. Now what? Brazil's 2018 election

TV presenter Luciano Huck has published an article in Folha de S.Paulo that apparently puts an end to the widespread speculation that his name will be on the ballot list for presidential candidates. In his lengthy piece, Huck unfolds a logical, intelligent and well-written explanation for dropping out. And what he says is certainly striking… Read More »

A real coup is brewing in Brazil

parliamentary coup brazil michel temer senate congress

When Dilma Rousseff kicked off her chaotic second term in 2015, leftist Brazilians began to talk about a coup. Supposedly, the coup was orchestrated by the right wing to remove her from office with the goal of implementing a radical austerity agenda. Of course, Rousseff’s impeachment process remains full of objectionable details: from the fact… Read More »