Money April 19, 2018

Why hasn’t Mercosur taken off?

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The date was January 31, 1998. Around 2,000 world leaders were congregated in the Swiss ski resort of Davos for the World Economic Forum. The list included German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and the United States’ First Lady Hillary Clinton. It was when then-Argentinian president Carlos Menem introduced an ambitious idea:… Read More »

Japan angles for space in Brazil with Mercosur deal

Japan angles for space in Brazil with Mercosur deal

Japan may soon manage something that the European Union has not yet done in South America, as negotiations to become an economic partner with the Mercosur trading block push ahead. Although the EU’s deal is reportedly reaching its final stages after 20 years of negotiations, Japan may beat the competition as it strives to increase… Read More »

Breaking down Brazil’s energy matrix

Breaking down Brazil’s energy matrix

The history of the Brazilian Northeast is undeniably connected to the region’s adverse climatic conditions. For decades, one of Brazil’s poorest regions was haunted by droughts – it has the lowest rainfall in the country. Most of the region is covered by the caatinga, a desert-like biome. Droughts form such an integral part of the… Read More »

How Brazil’s legislation sees the treatment of personal data

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Facebook has found itself at the center of a scandal over revelations that the personal data of 50 million users was accessed and used for electoral purposes in 2016. Over this weekend, The New York Times and the UK’s The Guardian and Observer revealed how the controversial big data firm Cambridge Analytica surrepticiously gathered information… Read More »

Brazil still has one of the highest interest rates in the world

Brazil real interest rates are among the highest in the world

For the last year and a half, the Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee has consistently slashed Brazil’s benchmark interest rate. The Selic rate has gone from 14.25 percent a year in October 2016, to a record-low 6.5 percent. It doesn’t mean, however, that consumers have access to cheaper credit. Indeed, Brazil’s interest rates remain among… Read More »

Embraer, ethanol: How Brazil will try to avoid Trump’s tariffs

Embraer, ethanol: How Brazil will try to escape Trump's overtaxes

Brazil’s government will only go to the World Trade Organization to protest U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to impose a 25 percent import tax on steel goods after exhausting all possibilities for negotiation. According to Brazilian diplomats, the federal administration wants to avoid an aggressive reaction by Trump and is aware that to avoid the taxes,… Read More »

Meatpackers BRF had “strategy” to cheat food safety inspections

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Federal police (PF) investigating some of Brazil’s biggest meatpackers said that BRF deliberately tricked quality inspections. The revelation comes as a result of the latest phase of investigations into corruption, Operation Weak Flesh. The federal judge overseeing the operations, André Wasilewski Duszczak, told media that there were “frauds committed in the manufacture of the Premix… Read More »

Federal Police launch new operation targeting Brazilian meat producers

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The Federal Police launched this morning a new phase of Operation Weak Flesh – an investigation into Brazilian meat producers. This time, the investigation focuses on frauds allegedly committed by BRF, one of the country’s leading exporters. Since 6 a.m., federal marshals have carried out 53 search warrants, 11 arrest orders – and have taken 27… Read More »

Brazil emerges from recession weaker than it was before

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The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics announced the official GDP growth rate for 2017: +1.0 percent. While it might not be much, it does signal the end of the longest recession in Brazilian history. Once again, the agribusiness sector was the motor of the economy, performing 13 percent better than it had in 2016.… Read More »