Money June 20, 2018

How Brazil will be affected by Trump’s trade war with China

brazil us china trade war

As the U.S. and China continue to raise the tone of their escalating trade war, global markets took a major hit, with major exporting nations being particularly affected. U.S. President Donald Trump decided to slap tariffs on USD 200 billion of Chinese goods – on top of the USD 50 billion previously announced. On the… Read More »

Brazil’s freight pricing crisis, explained

Brazil's freight pricing crisis, explained

When independent Brazilian truckers staged a 10-day strike late in May, the whole country went on a shutdown mode. As two-thirds of cargo transportation in Brazil is made through roadways, several regions experienced fuel and food shortages, hospitals postponed surgeries, millions of animals died of hunger as their feed never reached its destination. When the… Read More »

Uncertain about EU, Mercosur turns to China

Uncertain about EU, Mercosur turns to China

It has been 20 years since Mercosur – the trade bloc that includes Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay (and soon Bolivia) – first entered into negotiations over a free trade agreement with the European Union. The delay is owing to a number of obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, notably geographical indications for various food… Read More »

Can Pedro Parente fix food company BRF?

pedro parente brf

When Pedro Parente took over as CEO of Petrobras in May 2016, Brazil’s oil and gas company was the most indebted of its kind in the world. Two years later, the company has reclaimed its respectability, despite its recovery owing to a much-criticized pricing policy which pleased investors but infuriated fuel consumers. Now, Mr. Parente… Read More »

What legacy did the 2014 World Cup leave to Brazil?

world cup brazil legacy

Early in April, the now former Governor of São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin inaugurated a metro line connecting São Paulo’s city center to the international airport of Guarulhos, on its outskirts. The line was supposed to have become operational in time for Brazil’s 2014 World Cup. Instead, it took four extra years and an additional BRL… Read More »

At 45, Brazil’s agricultural research company reaches a crossroads

embrapa agricultural research brazil

Few companies have been as important to Brazil’s agribusiness than Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. Created in 1972, during some of the hardest years of the military dictatorship, the company has been instrumental in transforming Brazil from a food importer into one of the world’s leading agricultural powers. Developing the use of microorganisms to… Read More »

In Brazilian favelas, entrepreneurship is the ticket to success

entrepreneurship favelas

“Unfortunately, Uber is currently not available in your area.” Residents of Brasilândia, a 260,000-strong neighborhood in the north zone of São Paulo, are used to seeing this message. With levels of violence above the city’s average, as well as an abundance of hills, narrow streets, and poor public lighting, Uber is useless in Brasilândia. Drivers… Read More »

Brazilian gaming industry eyeing China

Brazilian gaming industry eyeing China

When the subject is game development, Brazil might not be the first country to pop into your head. Well, think again. Although the biggest country in Latin America has no representatives in the mainstream gaming industry, independent Brazilian developers are becoming some of the sector’s most respected actors. Some small and medium-sized gaming companies are… Read More »

Is now the time to “buy Brazil”?

Should investors "buy Brazil"?

As the U.S. dollar continues to rise against emerging currencies, assets in countries such as Brazil have become much cheaper – and thus more attractive – for international investors. But does it make sense to take the risk and buy Brazilian stocks at this very moment? And if so, how to overcome bureaucracy and get… Read More »

Brazilian agribusiness loses over BRL 5 billion with truckers’ strike

Brazilian agribusiness

The Brazilian agribusiness industry was one of the worst-affected by the 10-day truckers’ strike which ended last week. Animal breeders, who depend on deliveries of food, saw many of their animals die of starvation and cannibalism. Meanwhile, vegetable and fruit producers were forced to discard a big chunk of their production – which couldn’t make… Read More »