Giving “dirty money” a new meaning

On Wednesday, Senator Chico Rodrigues, the government’s deputy whip in the Senate, was targeted by a Federal Police investigation into the embezzlement of BRL 15 million earmarked for the fight against Covid-19 by members of Congress. However, while this story seems bad enough, as Brazilians say: the hole gets even deeper. The Feds found around BRL 30,000 in cash in the senator’s home, with part of the money soiled by being stashed “between his buttocks,” leaving little to the imagination.

Interestingly, the case surfaces just days after President Bolsonaro stated that there was no more corruption in the government. Furthermore, last week, Mr. Bolsonaro said that if someone steps out of line with regard to corruption, they will be met with “a flying kick to the neck.”

The case continues to shed light on how corrupt officials are using the emergency situation created by Covid-19 to fill their pockets — and underwear, apparently — with public money. 

In a video that resurfaced after yesterday’s events, Bolsonaro is seen praising Senator Chico Rodrigues, saying their relationship is “almost a stable union.” However, today, Mr. Bolsonaro affirmed that Rodrigues is not part of his administration, despite being his deputy whip in the Senate.

Could this be a new meaning for the term “dirty money”?

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