U.S. presidential election: Jair Bolsonaro votes Trump

This Tuesday, U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden presented us one of the worst presidential debates as far as we remember. Called a “shitshow” by CNN journalists covering the election, the tos and fros of the messy discussion was being watched attentively at home by Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro. 

While cheering on Mr. Trump, the Brazilian president may have jumped out of his seat when his own country got a mention by presidential challenger Joe Biden. When discussing the environment, the former vice president mentioned the burning of the Amazon rainforest, suggesting the U.S. should give Brazil USD 20 billion to end deforestation, or face “economic consequences.” 

Jair Bolsonaro could hardly contain himself. Running to social media, he posted a shakily translated statement criticizing Joe Biden, suggesting his offer of USD 20 billion was a “bribe” and even mistaking the candidate’s name, referring to him as “John Biden.”

Since his election, Brazil’s president has given little thought to his country’s image abroad. He has started fights with counterparts in Argentina, France, and angered several member nations of the European Union. 

Now, with Joe Biden leading in the polls, Mr. Bolsonaro may just have made an enemy out of the next president of the world’s biggest economy.

What could go wrong?

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