Brazil cannot stop, says President Bolsonaro

Addressing the nation, President Bolsonaro has been blaming the media for creating a “hysterical” mood in Brazil. He also said only the over 60s are at risk of the coronavirus — that is, except for himself, thanks to his “past as an athlete.” But there is one other argument Mr. Bolsonaro keeps defending: an end to broad isolation measures.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta stressed (again and again) that full Covid-19 social isolation measures must continue, and any future changes will be based on scientific evidence, thus refuting President Bolsonaro’s unproven proposal of isolating only risk groups and over 60s.

In an interview with newspaper O Globo, Brazil’s Prosecutor General Augusto Aras stated that he could launch a legal challenge to Jair Bolsonaro if the president were to issue a decree loosening Covid-19 isolation measures across the country. Well, Jair, Brazil has to stop – otherwise you’d be stopped. 

On Wednesday, right after addressing the nation with a less aggressive speech, President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted a video condemning isolation measures carried out by state governors and “denouncing” a food shortage in supply centers in the capital city of Brazil’s second-most populous state of Minas Gerais.

The information, however, was quickly debunked by reporter Pedro Bohnenberger, of radio station CBN. He went to the said food distribution center and showed the facility operating under normal conditions — and that there was no shortage whatsoever.

In Brazil, April Fool’s Day is also known as “the day of the lie.” Fact-checking agency

Aos Fatos, a partner org of The Brazilian Report, found at least 70 false or misleading Covid-19 statements by the President between early March and last weekend. But the list is growing longer.

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