Coronavirus in Brazil
Coronavirus in Brazil


A 61-year-old man tested positive for Covid-19, making Brazil the first Latin American country with a confirmed coronavirus case. The patient has reportedly shown mild symptoms and, according to a report by Albert Einstein Hospital, “is in a good clinical state and has no need to be hospitalized.” He will stay isolated at home for the next 14 days.

The man had been to Italy for work between February 9 and 21—a period which coincides with the coronavirus boom in the European country, where 322 cases have been confirmed. He first went to the hospital on Monday, and state authorities were informed of his case on Tuesday.  Authorities are reportedly trying to trace every step he took since returning from Italy, thus identifying everyone who might have been in contact with the patient.

The tragicomic part? The virus waited for Carnival to end before coming to Brazil. If the virus had been here during a time when millions were on the streets hugging, kissing (and so on), it would be a cakewalk for a virus which has already contaminated thousands of people worldwide. 

But the sad part is that Brazilians are already suffering from the post-Carnival blues, and are now having to take care on public transport and when walking home, as the infection is expected to spread further in a couple of days. Sorry, coronavirus! You missed Carnival, and hopefully you won’t have other reasons to party any time soon …

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