Two years of Explaining Brazil

If you read The Brazilian Report regularly, you have undoubtedly come across reports about how difficult it is to build a new business from the ground up in Brazil. Due to reasons ranging from the country’s overbearing bureaucracy to recent economic struggles, one-quarter of newborn companies close shop before reaching their second anniversary.


Fortunately, though, The Brazilian Report has escaped the pitfall that so many small businesses fall into — as we celebrate the company’s two-year anniversary today.

Additionally, we’ve managed to prove that the media landscape did have space for a niche outlet with the mission of explaining Brazil to foreign audiences. In just two years, we grew from a staff of only three people (one of them part-time) to seven full-time professionals.

Two years into our journey, we are proud to announce yet another expansion.

Our mission doesn’t end when we publish an article—that is just when it starts. We need your feedback, your criticism, and your help to continue building an alternative voice for Brazil on the global stage.

Our journey is only just beginning!

Gustavo Ribeiro and Laura Quirin, founders of The Brazilian Report.