Market roundup: The economy is in the favelas

Until Sunday, the favela of Paraisópolis, in São Paulo, is hosting the Slum Summit 2022, an event that shows that ‘entrepreneurship is from the favela.’

Market roundup: The economy is in the favelas favela
Paraisópolis. Photo: Fabio Utumi/Shutterstock

Slum Summit in Paraisópolis wants to show the economic force of Brazil’s favelas 

São Paulo’s Paraisópolis, the second-largest Brazilian favela, is hosting the Slum Summit 2022 through Sunday. The event aims to bring together big names from the entrepreneurial market, as well as community leaders, government representatives, journalists, artists, and chief executives of large firms, to discuss how entrepreneurship can bring solutions to favelas.

The summit. Organized by G10 Favelas, an association of the ten largest favelas in Brazil, this year’s edition will feature 20 panels and more than 70 speakers, with names from major retail groups such as...

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