E-commerce could help Brazil diversify its exports to China

Brazil’s dependence on a limited portfolio of exports to China is risky – but a recent report explores how the e-commerce sector could provide opportunities for diversification

china e-commerce
Illustration: Blablo101/Shutterstock

While China is Brazil’s main trading partner by a mile, the portfolio of Brazilian exports to the Asian giant revolves mainly around oil, iron ore, and soybeans. This leaves the country gravely exposed to any hiccups in the Chinese economy, such as the ones caused by Beijing’s zero-Covid policy which has placed tens of millions of people under strict lockdown and again imposed a sort of stranglehold on the global economy.

Brazil’s exports to China rose from USD 2 billion in 2001 to USD 87.7 billion in 2021, per the Economy Ministry. Commodities account for the lion’s share of these...

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