Remote work added a new dimension to Brazil’s brain drain

With Brazilian employees now accustomed to working at home, foreign startups are snapping up tech talent bargains in the country — to the detriment of the domestic sector

Remote work added a new dimension to Brazil's brain drain
Illustration: Jiw Ingka/Shutterstock

In late 2020, Daniel, a 32-year-old data engineer from the southeastern Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, began looking for work opportunities abroad. He and his wife initially planned to emigrate to Canada, but after a bit of research Daniel quickly realized there was a wealth of opportunities for him to work for foreign companies — without even having to leave Brazil. In March 2021, he landed a job working remotely for a San Francisco-based startup. 

“We ended up deciding to stay here in Brazil, especially because with a salary in U.S. dollars, we have a very comfortable life in...

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