The pandemic is causing a cultural depression in Brazil

The pandemic has decimated the livelihoods of those who work in the arts. And the current Omicron surge is causing anxiety for those who need the "old normal" back

cultural workers brazil
Rio’s municipal theater started to limit the number of visitors it allows every day. Photo: Alexandre Brum/Agência Enquadrar/Folhapress

The arts are social goods that, according to Aristotle, serve to give people catharsis. And catharsis is sorely needed amid the pandemic — coupled, in Brazil’s case, with the deepest recession on record. But art, music, dance, and theater are also individual professions — ones that are endangered as the pandemic rages on (even if the now-prevalent Omicron variant is by all accounts milder than previous versions of the coronavirus).

“I want to receive invitations to play gigs again, even if only to turn them down due to the pandemic,” singer Karina Buhr shared on Twitter. “But I haven’t received...

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