Brazil’s chemicals industry on the ropes with end of stimulus

In order to afford tax breaks for airlines, President Bolsonaro revoked a long-term stimulus program for the Brazilian chemicals industry — domestic players have called upon Congress to reverse the measure

chemical chemicals industry stimulus
Photo: Casa.da.Photo/Shutterstock

On the very last day of 2021, Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro issued a provisional decree establishing a two-year income tax holiday on aircraft leasing. The idea was to cut airlines’ costs and, therefore, push airfares down. In September of last year, flight prices had risen 56 percent over the 12 months prior, ending the year with 18-percent inflation. However, the measure caused an unexpected and negative impact on Brazil’s seemingly unconnected chemicals industry.

According to fiscal responsibility laws, the Brazilian government cannot sacrifice tax revenue without compensating for the measure with budget cuts or tax hikes in other areas....

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