Brazilian researchers testing innovative and efficient wind power generator

Brazil is an ideal place for wind power generation, but conventional turbines don't work in the country's traditionally windy elevated areas. New technology from Brazilian researchers seeks to change that

wind power brazil servants
Wind power farm in northeastern Brazil. Photo: Horacio Selva/Shutterstock

Hydropower makes up roughly 65 percent of Brazil’s energy mix, vastly outweighing renewable sources such as wind power (8.6%), biomass (8.4%), or solar (1%), according to data from national energy research company EPE.

Time and again, Brazil’s “overdependence” on hydroelectric power has come back to bite the country on its rear end, with this scenario repeating itself in this year’s water crisis — the largest in the last 91 years. Abnormally low rainfall levels took hydroelectric reservoir volumes down to dangerously low levels in Brazil’s South and Southeast regions, forcing the government to switch on...

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