Supermarkets scramble for clients as Brazilians lose purchasing power

Arguably the most visible face of Brazil's economic woes, prices in supermarkets are putting a massive strain on a population being hit on both sides: inflation is spiraling, while their income is falling

Supermarkets brazil inflation
Photo: Alf Ribeiro/Shutterstock

A well-known specter reared its ugly head once more in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic: hunger. In 2020, 19 million Brazilians experienced hunger and almost 117 million struggled to put food on the table, according to Rede Penssan, an organization specialized in food security research. 

With food prices through the roof and less income to buy them, many Brazilians are reducing the quantity and quality of their weekly groceries, while the most vulnerable households are resorting to food donations or even items discarded by stores and supermarkets.

Last week, newspaper Extra ran a front-page spread on the phenomenon,...

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