Electric vehicles in Brazil: a patent-based analysis

Brazil still makes up a small slice of the global electric vehicle market, but experts show that the country has huge potential in the development and production of new electric vehicle technologies

eletric cars brazil patents
Image: Ilija Erceg/Shutterstock

The global automotive market was rocked last year due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Production fell by more than 15 percent, while sales were down by more than 8 percent from 2019. However, there is plenty of optimism regarding 2021, with expectations of growth in the number of global vehicle sales. 

Some 70 million units are set to be sold around the world by the end of the year, with the trend driven by electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid cars. According to an article by S&P in May, electric vehicles made up 2.5 percent of the global...

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