Agribusiness is changing the profile of Brazil’s stock market

Recent IPOs by companies outside the São Paulo-Rio axis show how provincial businesses are a growing presence on the capital market — with individual investors following suit

Agribusiness is changing the profile of Brazil's stock market
Corn harvest in Center-Western Brazil. Photo: Casa da Photo/Shutterstock

The Brazilian stock exchange is slowly changing its face. In addition to having more individual investors, more women, and an increasingly strong presence of the technology sector, B3 — as the bourse has been called since 2017 — now features more investors and companies than ever from outside the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis, where approximately half of the capital market is concentrated. In a country of continental proportions, the stock market is finally spreading to other regions. And this movement is due, in large part, to the agribusiness sector.

A prime example is Boa Safra, the largest soybean...

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