Brazilian shopping malls prepare to get back in business

Pushed to the brink by coronavirus restrictions, Brazil's shopping malls are feeling the benefit of the population's increased vaccination levels and willingness to leave the house

Brazilian shopping malls prepare to get back in business
For malls, reopening is a matter of financial survival. Photo: Marco Ribeiro Ferrari/Shutterstock

Despite early hiccups and government delays in securing supplies, Brazilians’ uptake of coronavirus vaccination has been nothing short of astonishing in recent weeks and months. Over 60 percent of the national population has received at least one jab — twice the rate of two months ago. In the country’s biggest city São Paulo, a stunning 100 percent of adults have taken one or more doses.

With increased vaccination comes a drop in Covid-19 cases and deaths, which in turn has allowed the population to feel more secure leaving their homes and seeking to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles.


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