China unlikely to impose sustainability demands that “hinder food security”

Larissa Wachholz, from Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry, says China’s 14th Five-Year Plan brings opportunities and is unlikely to result in restrictions on Brazilian meat or soy

China unlikely to impose sustainability demands that "hinder food security"
China is the main buyer of Brazilian soy. According to senior agriculture ministry advisor Larissa Wacholz, environmental clauses should not hinder the agriculture trade. Photo: Matt Smith/Shutterstock

China will continue to have a great appetite for Brazilian commodities despite the challenges of guaranteeing sustainability in meat and soybean production chains, according to Larissa Wachholz, head of the China Center at Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture. The Asian country’s “absolute priority,” she says, is to ensure its food security

In excerpts from an interview with Diálogo Chino, Ms. Wachholz says that China is becoming more demanding in terms of sanitary requirements, but that it is not expected to impose sustainability clauses, such as enhanced traceability of meat produced in the Amazon. Such requirements, she says, could hinder the...

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