Government moves ahead with pro-business agenda

While all focus was on Bolsonaro's major cabinet reshuffle on Monday, the government issued a major pro-business decree

business brazil
Busy street in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil. Photo: Maila Facchini/Shutterstock

On Monday, all eyes in Brazil were transfixed on the political whirlwind created by President Jair Bolsonaro’s apparently impromptu cabinet reshuffle. And while Mr. Bolsonaro’s antics usually divert attention away from news stories that are harmful to the president or his family, yesterday was an exception. In fact, Mr. Bolsonaro’s ministerial merry-go-round actually took the spotlight off a notable achievement for the government, in what was one of the administration’s most pro-business moves to date.

President Bolsonaro signed a broad provisional decree aimed at slashing red tape for business owners, making it easier for entrepreneurs to open...

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