“Now is not the time!” Health sector protests São Paulo tax hike

The state of São Paulo has scrapped tax breaks on medical supplies and equipment. Opponents say the move will have a nationwide impact

"Not now," say health organizations on São Paulo tax hikes
São Paulo slashed tax breaks on medical inputs. Photo: Marco Santos/Ag.Pará

A group of nine health sector associations launched a manifesto on March 1, asking the state of São Paulo to overturn an 18-percent tax increase on medical inputs enforced at the beginning of the year. They claim the move could cause ripple effects throughout the country. Under the slogan “Now is not the time, São Paulo,” the group aims to stir public opinion against the tax hike, while working alongside state lawmakers to change legislation and challenging the increase in court. 

São Paulo’s government has been in the hot seat since it decided to slash tax breaks as part...

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