Commodities could save Latin American markets in 2021

Chile and Peru are set to take longer to recover economically. But an increased appetite for commodities could be the solution

Commodities could save Latin American markets in 2021
Miner at the access tunnel of an underground gold and copper mine in Talca, Chile. Photo: Jose Luis Stephens/Shutterstock

As the Covid-19 pandemic thrust financial markets around the world into chaos last year, Chile and Peru looked at their peers and issued a firm “hold my pisco.” Beyond being stuck in the epicenter of the global coronavirus outbreak, both countries saw an intensification of political and social unrest stemming from 2019, aggravating disorder in the western South American neighbors.

However, with the advent of 2021, the salvation for Chile and Peru could come from a familiar source: commodities.

In comparison to Brazil, markets in Chile and Peru took longer to recover as a result of political upheaval.

In Chile,...

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