The up-and-coming mining capital in Brazil’s Center-West

The northern portion of the state of Goiás has expanded mining ventures, helping the region weather the coronavirus-led economic crisis

mining goiás brazil
Mining site in Goiás. Photo: Wildes Barbosa/Gov. Goiás

In the 16th century, the pioneering journeys to occupy inland Brazil were fueled by a thirst for minerals and precious metals — gold, in particular. Setting off from São Paulo, the so-called “bandeirantes” rode, cut, slaved, and explored their way through the untouched territories of Brazil’s interior, opening up paths through mountains and forests. Often they would come across rivers with alluvial gold deposits, with pieces of the metal that were large enough to be collected by hand.

The majority of these deposits were found in what is now the state of Minas Gerais — or “general mines,” as it...

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