Where should Brazilian investors look ahead of Black Friday?

This year's Black Friday is set to be Brazil's biggest on record and is likely to be the only major shopping day of 2020 to see real growth

black friday
A strong digital Black Friday should consolidate e-commerce in Brazil. Photo: Exebiche/Shutterstock

The biggest shopping frenzy of the year is just a day away. After a 2020 of slim pickings, companies and investors are eagerly looking forward to Black Friday, as it is set to cement the trends that will drive commerce for the immediate future.   

According to the National Commerce Confederation (CNC), this is set to be Brazil’s biggest Black Friday on record, with a predicted BRL 3.74 billion (USD 700 million) in revenue, six percent higher than 2019. If this is indeed the case, November 27 will be the first red-letter day of the year to see sales enjoying real...

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