Oxford? China? Brazil’s first Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be Russian

Despite an intense national coronavirus vaccine debate, the first to be distributed in Brazil is likely to be Russian-made

vaccine sputnik russia russian brazil
Sputnik Vaccine, in Tomsk. Photo: Dmitriy Kandinskiy/Shutterstock

The story grabbing all of the headlines in Brazilian politics this last week has been the dispute between President Jair Bolsonaro and São Paulo Governor João Doria over the Chinese-made CoronaVac coronavirus vaccine. While Mr. Doria — the head of Brazil’s most populous and wealthiest state — has promised vaccination to his entire constituency, the Brazilian head of state has been adamant that the country will not fund any vaccines from China, nor will he allow mandatory inoculation. Indeed, the federal government has been keener on supporting the vaccine being produced by Oxford University and British-Swedish firm AstraZeneca.


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