Remote work more present in Brazil’s public service

Despite isolation measures being loosened, millions of Brazilians continue working from home, a trend that could be permanent

Remote work more present in Brazil's public service
Image: Graphic farm/Shutterstock

The pandemic has changed working habits around the world, potentially forever. Millions were put on remote work, fearing contagion in the workplace or on their daily commute. This was no different in Brazil, despite the country’s messy and half-hearted response to the virus’ spread. But according to official data, while private-sector employees have now begun to return to in-person work, public servants were increasingly sent to work from home.

Analysis carried out by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) showed that 2.9 million public servants worked remotely in June, 200,000 more than the previous month. Meanwhile, 224,000 fewer private-sector...

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