How has the pandemic affected Brazil’s different regions?

Nationwide figures often do not tell the full story of trends in Brazil, a vastly diverse country. We lay out a number of important indicators separated by region

Economic effects of the pandemic on Brazil's different regions
Protest against Jair Bolsonaro’s coronavirus response in Brasília. Photo: Gabriel Paiva/FP

As we never tire of saying on The Brazilian Report, Brazil is such a vast country, with immense diversity among its regions, states, and cities. For example, the population of the state of São Paulo is 74 times that of northern state Roraima. The Federal District — where capital city Brasília is located — enjoys a Human Development Index (HDI) similar to Portugal. Meanwhile, in northeastern states Alagoas and Maranhão, the index is the same as Iraq. Therefore, when we deal with nationwide economic data in Brazil, enormous regional differences are often masked. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic,...

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