Brazil and Mexico face similar job market woes

In both of Latin America's major economies, worker discouragement is a huge problem, made even more pronounced by the pandemic

Brazil and Mexico face similar job market woes
Unemployed man in Puebla, Mexico. Photo: Alejandro Munoz/Shutterstock

In Brazil and Mexico — Latin America’s largest economies — over half of those of legal working age are out of the workforce. Of this mass, 75.3 million Brazilians, one-quarter have halted job searches altogether, either due to the pandemic or the lack of opportunities in their region.

While nearly all populational strata see trends toward giving up job searches, data suggests it has become more prevalent among Brazilians of color. According to the country’s most recent national household survey, black and multiracial Brazilians make up 55 percent of the population of working age, and 57 percent of the...

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