From the stage to the living room: Brazilians go mad for live YouTube concerts

Of the ten live music broadcasts with the most views ever on YouTube, seven are from Brazilian artists

During pandemic, Brazilians go mad for live YouTube concerts

“The one I want, doesn’t want me / The one who wants me, I don’t want / No-one will suffer alone / Everyone is going to suffer.” On a Wednesday evening in April — with Brazil’s pubs, nightclubs, and karaoke bars closed due to Covid-19 social isolation measures — millions logged on to YouTube to watch Brazilian country singer Marília Mendonça belt out her hit for jilted lovers everywhere “Todo Mundo Vai Sofrer” (Everyone Is Going To Suffer), among dozens of other ballads, live from her own living room.

With an unprecedented peak audience of 3.31 million users, Marília...

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