The challenges Brazilian antitrust watchdog will face after the pandemic

The pandemic will force companies into mergers and acquisitions. This will pose a new challenge for Brazil's antitrust authorities

antitrust brazil pandemic covid-19
Monopoly board game. Photo: Nazar Skladanyi/Shutterstock

With the in-person economy all but halted by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of Brazil’s small businesses are expected to perish. Even among major players, the situation is dire — and in this emerging form of corporate Darwinism, only the biggest will survive. In many sectors, companies are unlikely to endure the crisis without significant government help — not only by way of direct financial assistance but also through changing antitrust regulations to allow mergers and acquisitions, according to a major shareholder at Brazil’s leading domestic airline Gol, who spoke to The Brazilian Report.

Analysts expect a marked increase...

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