Covid-19 among truckers causing concern for Brazil’s soybean exports

Brazil is China's biggest supplier of soybeans and truck drivers have demanded they be taken care of to ensure supply is fulfilled

soybean harvest in brazil
Tractor parked after the soybean harvest season. Photo: Vinicius Bacarin/Shutterstock

The coincidence of the expected peak of the Covid-19 epidemic in Brazil and Argentina with the soybean export season of April and May has sparked concerns in major buyer China, as roadblocks and sickness among transport workers create logistical problems.

During a press conference on the subject in early April, Wei Baigang of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture made it clear that the government was focusing on soybeans, one of the few essential foodstuffs that China imports in massive quantities. Imported soybeans are mainly used to feed China’s vast hog population.

“[We] will strengthen coordination with exporting countries and continue...

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