Remote work not an option for millions of Brazilians

As Brazil scrambles to contain the novel coronavirus spread, many have switched to remote work. But for poorer Brazilians, that's not really an option

Remote work not an option for millions of Brazilians coronavirus
São Paulo’s Paulista Avenue. Photo: Jorge Araujo/FP

It took a while before Covid-19 became the topic of discussion in Brazil. The pandemic only really resonated with Brazilians after reports of authorities who had traveled with President Jair Bolsonaro to the U.S. two weeks ago testing positive for the novel coronavirus. So far, 22 members of the president’s entourage have confirmed infections.

Slowly, Brazilian companies began adapting to a reality in which social distancing is a must—sending their employees home to work remotely. In major urban centers, authorities began imposing restrictions on non-necessary commerce and shopping malls. 

But according to a poll released by Datafolha...

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