After a stellar year, is there still time to enjoy Brazil’s bullish stock market?

Analysts are buoyant about this year's prospects for Brazil's financial markets, after an excellent showing in 2019.

After a stellar year, is there still time to enjoy Brazil's bullish stock market?
Photo: Katjen/Shutterstock

Ibovespa, Brazil’s benchmark stock index, finished 2019 in style, amassing a 31.58-percent yearly gain that capped off the fourth consecutive year of Brazil’s bull market. After starting 2020 by reaching a new record of 118,000 base points, geopolitical tensions involving Iran and the U.S. saw Ibovespa wobble at the beginning of the new year, but perspectives remain bright on the back of Brazil’s economic recovery. 

Financial agents’ macroeconomic prospects—measured by Central Bank’s Focus Report—point to a strong year, with 2.3-percent expected GDP growth coupled with a well-behaved 3.60 percent inflation and benchmark interest parked at their lowest...

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