Cyber attacks, not inflation, worry Brazilian businesses

. Jan 19, 2018
cyber attacks brazil Brazilian businesses fear cyber attacks.
cyber attacks brazil

Brazilian businesses fear cyber attacks.

According to a survey conducted by Allianz Global Corporate, an insurance company, Brazilian business owners are more worried about being the victims of hackers than the changes in regulatory policies or the inflation rate.

2017 was a year marked by high-profile cyber attacks, from the WannaCry global malware attack to the Equifax case. Equifax is one of the world’s largest credit bureaus. In July, hackers stole personal data from 145M of its clients.

Meanwhile, Brazil finished 2017 with a 2.95-percent inflation rate. It is the lowest rate since 1998, a year during which prices went up by only 1.65 percent. The 2017 results are so low that, for the first time in history, the inflation was below the official target range of 4.5 percent, plus or minus 1.5 percent.

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