Jul 04, 2020
São Paulo has decided to close a landmark field hospital as occupancy rates of health facilities fall. Experts say this is no reason to celebrate


The Brazilian capital can come across as cold, with limited in-person interaction. Perhaps that's exactly what the world will want after the pandemic

Latin America

When Argentinian President Alberto Fernández took office in December 2019, he was aware of what he was getting himself into. GDP dropping 2.2 percent, yearly inflation at 53.8 percent,...


For many of historic cities, tourism is the number 1 source of revenue. But a rushed reopening might have devastating long-term effects


Despite no let-up in coronavirus cases around the country, Brazil is looking to resume football. Lower-division sides fear financial collapse

Guide to Brazil

Among the Western Romance tongues, Brazilian Portuguese is one of the most straightforward languages to pick up. It is forgiving, common usage involves a much smaller amount of verb...
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