May 29, 2020
A digest of the most important news on technology and innovation in Brazil


Brazil Daily May 29, 2020

How the coronavirus is making Brazilian jobs disappear. The attempt to recreate the Amazon Fund. And why support to Jair Bolsonaro is so resilient


    May 29, 2020
    Supporting Taiwan has become a new way for Brazil's far-right to take jabs at China, and could draw a bigger wedge between Beijing and Brasília
    Why has Taiwan become a Brazilian far-right symbol?


    May 26, 2020
    A survival-of-the-fittest scenario may be on the cards for companies once the coronavirus crisis passes
    Brazil's post-pandemic economy a dog-eat-dog world

    CoronavirusMay 22, 2020

    How the Covid-19 emergency aid impacts Brazil’s finances

    Covid-19 emergency aid has kept Bolsonaro's approval...

    CoronavirusMay 21, 2020

    Could Covid-19 spark a rebirth of Brazil’s development bank?

    Brazil's National Development Bank has lain dormant...

    BusinessMay 17, 2020

    Delivery is the future for fine dining in Brazil

    Even the swankiest restaurants have turned their...


    Cartoons May 28, 2020

    You shall not pass, virus

    Haircuts over health: the Jair Bolsonaro way in Brazil

    Cartoons May 14, 2020

    Haircuts over health


    Cartoons May 07, 2020

    Join the dead army!

    Cartoons Apr 30, 2020

    More deaths than China? So what?

    Cartoons Apr 23, 2020

    All hail the … king?


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