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Will Ciro Gomes’ temper hurt his presidential hopes?

Brazil's former national integration minister Ciro Gomes speaks during the launch of his pre-candidacy for Brazil's presidential election for the Democratic Labour party, at the National Congress, in Brasilia

Which Ciro Gomes will voters get this time around?

“One has to grow hard but without ever losing tenderness,” answered Ciro Gomes during an interview in late May, when asked to recite a favorite quote. An interesting choice, given that the Brazilian presidential hopeful seems to be doing the exact opposite of what Che Guevara once preached: Mr. Gomes is trying to grow tender (in the eyes of the electorate), but has not lost his hardness.

Known for his short temper and sharp words, Mr. Gomes has instead controlled his demeanor in interviews and public appearances during the pre-campaign for the 2018 presidential election. That is, most of the time. In some occasions, though, he lets his Mr. Hyde take over his Dr. Jekyll.

Early in April, Mr. Gomes was teased by a right-wing YouTuber. He tried to be a good sport, but eventually lost it, insulted the militant and placed his hand on the man’s neck (who, in turn, doctored the video, erasing some frames, to give the impression that Mr. Gomes had hit him).

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