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Are Brazil’s elections at risk?

Are Brazil’s elections at risk?

Congressional shenanigans could delay Brazil’s elections

President Michel Temer has only months left in office, but the on-going trucker strike has led to speculation that he may not be able to finish out his term. With the country at a standstill, Brazil’s political and judiciary branches have given indications that potential obstacles lay ahead for this October’s elections.

While the armed forces have denied accusations that they would stage a military coup, members of Brazil’s highest courts have hinted at moves that could see elections postponed. However, other movements have analysts concerned.

As op-ed columnists are publishing arguments on why the trucker strike could signal Temer’s eventual fall, the Senate’s Constitution and Justice Commission is defining the rules for indirect elections. Under the proposals, government representatives could choose a new leader if the president and vice-president are removed from office.

If both figures are removed from office within the first two years of the four-year term, Brazil’s Constitution stipulates that direct elections – where a new leader is decided by a popular vote – must be held.

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