Veganism is on the rise in the home of ‘churrasco’

vegan school Veganism is on the rise in the home of churrasco

Is veganism going mainstream in Brazil?

Brazil’s famous barbecue-style meat, ‘churrasco’, is famous enough to make appearances in restaurants across the world, popping up on menus everywhere from London to Shanghai. And as Brazil is one of the world’s biggest meat producers, increasing numbers of vegans might seem unexpected.

Nonetheless, the number of vegans and vegetarians across Brazil is growing. In April this year, Ibope researchers found that around 30 million Brazilians identified as either vegetarian or vegan, making up 14 percent of the population. Now, policies promoting reduced quantities of meat in the Brazilian diet are finding their way into mainstream politics.

As of March this year, four cities in Bahia state have committed to making all meals served by cafeterias in public schools vegan. Schools in Serrinha, Barroca, Teofilândia, and Biritinga have teamed up with NGO Humane Society International (HSI) and Bahia’s public prosecutors’ office in the hopes of reducing meat, egg and dairy intake by 25 percent each semester, down to zero within two years.

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