How Operation Car Wash changed Latin American politics

How Operation Car Wash changed Latin American politics

The Summit of the Americas happens in the wake of Operation Car Wash.

Lima, the Peruvian capital, hosts today and tomorrow (April 13 and 14) the Summit of the Americas. The event, which has no fixed periodicity, is an opportunity for leaders of the region to discuss how to tackle their most urgent challenges. But the 8th edition of the summit will showcase the political turmoil that Latin American countries have been experiencing for the last few years.

The host country is facing something already well known to Brazilians. The country has been engulfed by corruption scandals involving the Odebrecht construction company, and its president lost power after being accused of receiving millions in bribes. Meanwhile, Brazil’s most popular leader has just gone to jail for receiving a beachfront apartment as a kickback from another construction group.

At this point, the meeting’s official theme of “democratic governance fighting corruption” almost seems like a mean-spirited joke.

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