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Brazil’s “new politics” is more of the same

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In Congress since 1999, Rodrigo Maia claims to be the “new politics.” Photo: ABr

The 2018 election officially began this week. On Thursday, two candidates threw their names into the mix: House Speaker Rodrigo Maia, and former Congressman and Minister Ciro Gomes.

In a speech during his party’s convention, Maia issued some bold statements. “I accept the challenge to break with what is old and retrograde in Brazilian politics,” he said. Maia, however, is not exactly a newcomer – he first took office as a federal congressman in 1998. His father is also a seasoned politician, having served as the mayor of Rio de Janeiro during the 2000s; he is current in Rio’s city council.

Maia showcased his robust confidence at the event launching his candidacy. Despite polling at less than 1 percent, Maia guaranteed that he will make it to the runoff stage. In order to get there, Maia has carefully distanced himself from the embattled President Michel Temer – who is currently liked by just 6 percent of Brazilians. “I’m not willing to defend [Temer’s] legacy. If his party wants to support me, great.”

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